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Dec 8, 2009 6:30pm EST
and olution. w york bureau chief scott gurvey recently t down with electron arts c.e.o. john riccitiello. scott begaby asking riitiello how he's positioning the company for the future. >> once upon aime, think, ings or products was on a disk and that was all there is. toy virtually every one of our gas is play online, played with dozens, thousands of other players. and the data and serces behi it are the mostynamic partf it. this year ale,ust the packaged gds business of e. a. sports, one part of our company, we've hosted or a llion oine gas. a billion online gam. that's a staggering number. >> it's the interacvity which is the new kind of thing, 's become a social thing, not just a game player playing by hself. >> i think it's a lf different things, but youe ght. let me give some dimension to that. it's sort of fun to pla scrabble when you're sitting around a table with your sier, your mother,our son, ur daughter. it another thing to sort of play byyourself, tt's not so much fun, or play against straers. wh i find peopleareoing, whether it's made for speed, balefield games, more caal p
Dec 26, 2009 4:00pm EST
to have a visit from john. scott, and this was a briefing to him, to say this is an administration that seems to be running out of steam, losing a sense of direction. >> you write these generally on a whole range of policy? >> sorry, i am compressing things. what happen domestically was an immense political effort. bush put most of his political capital on those months in getting a big tax cut through congress and getting benefits and prescription medicine for senior citizens. but they were pyrrhic victories. come september, 2001, before 9/11, everybody was saying that it was killed. rumsfeld, there was a huge bear market, and rumsfeld, he was not seem to be reorganizing the department of defense, he was lost in details, so the story went. there was a big bear market with colin powell narrowing and deepening what he was doing in the middle east, and there was a cataclysmic market because the secretary was about to be dismissed. on the very eve of the great atrocity, it looked like an administration that got into trouble very quickly. >> and iraq did not figure into this much if at
Dec 13, 2009 4:00am EST
to john scott, a long him rancher who has devoted his life to animal care and husband degree. in this report provided by the oregon cattle man and the american angus association he tells us about his love of the land and for his heard heard. >> in the middle of the winter a foot of snow out there and that wind. and you are afraid, you don't even want to go out there to check but you know you got to go check those heifers. you go out and find one that just, just a nose and feet, okay, they got to work at it a while, two hours later she is not any farther along than that, you know you got to bring her in. you got to get busy, do something to bring her in, a catching pen down there. you get that her in thisth chute you go to work. when that calf finally clears and hits the ground, bounces, it's just -- you work on him and get him to breathing. and that's it right there. i think as a little kid, 5 years old, i think i was given my first her calf and i guess i have been in -- now i'm pushing 85 so i guess i have been in the cow business ever since i was 5 years old. i don't have t
Dec 1, 2009 5:00pm EST
didn't say which show. >> oh, okay. we'll keep following it then. thanks again, john, teresa, scott. >>> coming up, the latest on tiger woods. still refusing to talk to police. in the midst of all that, will he talk, what will he say, police close the investigation tiger facing a careless driving ticket? a $164 ticket. that's how this is going to end? not so fast. the alleged mistress is now speaking out. >>> welcome back. we have talked, speculated, been all over the tiger woods story for days. his mysterious car crash, affair rumors but all this boils down to a $164 ticket for careless driving? that's what we learn dad a short time ago florida highway patrol called a news conference. >> the investigation has determined that mr. woods is at fault in the crash. this afternoon, fhp in the process of issuing a uniform traffic citation for careless driving to mr. woods. >> it was determined that there was insufficient evidence available to issue a subpoena for any additional medical information that might exist in this case. we cannot speak to the existence of any blood evidence. there
Dec 1, 2009 12:00pm EST
have scott coen at west point with local reaction to that, and our chief washington correspondent john harwood is in our nation's capital on the political ramifications. scott, we'll start with you though. >> reporter: hi, sue. this speech is so important in part because the president has to speak to so many different audiences. of course, the american people, u.s. allies, the people of afghanistan and pakistan, but perhaps no audience more important than the u.s. military which is why he is coming here to the nation's oldest service academy to lay out his strategy and really upholding a tradition that goes far back of presidents spooking at west point. president bush famously spoke here in 2002, june 1st of 2002 at the height of his popularity when it seemed like afghanistan was already won, and he laid out the commencement speech that year the bush doctrine of preemption saying if we wait for threats to fully materialize we will have waited too long. this will be a much more solemn occasion. not a commencement speech. he will speak, president obama, in an auditorium with a plain blue
Dec 1, 2009 2:00pm EST
taxpayer? we have every angle of the story covered. john harwood is learning more about the president's speech in washington. first we go to scott cohn at west point. let's kick off with you, scott. >> reporter: all right, simon. of course, a very important symbolic place for the president to make this speech, and you can tell when it's an important presidential speech when there are so many different audiences that he has to speak to. of course, the american people who will watch this on television tonight, american allies, the people of afghanistan and pakistan, but perhaps no one more important than the u.s. military, and that's why he's come here to the oldest service academy to lay out his strategy for afghanistan and also pick up on a tradition that goes way back with presidents speaking here, but usually under much different circumstances. the last presidential speech here, of course, in 2002 at the height of george w. bush's popularity, june of 2002, a commencement speech here at west point. the war in iraq was still on the horizon. it seemed as though the war in afghanistan h
Dec 24, 2009 11:00am EST
. >> it kills me to kill you, john. talk to you later. happy holidays. >> same to you. >> happy holidays, scott, happy new year. >> get them in there. >> hanukkah's over. >> is it? >> yeah, it's over. >> that's a great tie. >> gradels, lights. >> we cover all of the bases here. >> when we come back the yield curve steepening. are you in danger of sliding off? a bull and bear take to the field to battle over the yield. >> and oil -- these are split reads, they're called. it snuck up me. oil prices sneaking back up toward $80 a barrel and don't get distracted, why you have to keep your eyes on the prize. december to remember sales event. now through january 4th. ♪ special lease offers now available on the 2010 rx 350. ♪ >> yield curve hitting a record this week. what does this mean for your investments? stocks up for the fifth day. many on wall street are buzzing about the santa claus rally. is this the little market that could and will continue to because it already has. let's ask editor of etf and jim la camp, portfolio manager at macro portfolio advisers. tom, how early did you
Dec 14, 2009 11:00pm EST
. georgetown will host old dominion saturday night. the nationals have signed pitcher scott olson to a one- year contract. pitcher john lackey who was o the the nats radar at the start of free agency is set to sign a five-year deal with the red sox. brian is back with more of the edge right after this. (dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private invtment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovatio
FOX News
Dec 23, 2009 9:00am EST
the small actions you can take could make a big difference to others in need coming up. john: i'm jon scott, we'll see you in about 15 minutes for "happening now" we do have lots of updates to bring you. looks like the custody case over sean goldman is over in brazil. we'll update you on that. we'll continue to watch the conditionsing in the so-called balloon boy case in colorado. the congressional budget office director says, you might not have heard everything there is to know about those cuts in medicare democrats are promising. we'll talk about that senator judd gregg, all ahead on happening now. rick: a lot of folks are having a tough time in this economy. it's hard to imagine anything that you could possibly do to help so many people. but our next guest argues that there is great power in individual actions. which means that you can make a big difference this holiday season. here to explain is the author of the butterfly effect, former homeless man turned "new york times" best-selling author, andy andrews. good to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> i'm honored, rick. thank y
Dec 23, 2009 5:00pm EST
sharpe, monica feit, brian deangeles. senator baucus' staff, liz fowler and russ sullivan and john sullivan, scott mulhauser, kathy koch, yvvette touch. &oon our "help" committee, michael meyers, our great staff director who for more than a decade has led this staff and for almost 20 years has worked for senator kennedy. as we all know, we're all sorry that senator kennedy could not be here for this, but i can say honestly that michael meyers carried on the torch as his staff director. did a magnificent job of getting us through this. and david bowen. david bowen. if there's one person that knows more about what this -- is in this bill than anyone else, it's david bowen. i can honestly say i've never asked him about something in this bill that he didn't know where it was and what it did. and he has been at every meeting, i don't care how early in the morning, how late at night. and i know he's been apart from his family and his children and i -- i just wish david the best in terms of being with his family tomorrow and over christmas. but david bowen has just done such a magnificent
Dec 24, 2009 9:00am EST
? >> problems in the uk. as you say, it's independent. >> john, i think f. scott fitzgerald famously wrote about bankruptcy. he did it slowly at ference then suddenly. is that the possibility for some of these sofrns we're talking about? >> yes, i mean, bankruptcy i don't think so because sovereign nations rarely go bankrupt. they just print more. >> i mean default or having to print more. >> yes. what it means in the end which is most dramatic of all is of course devaluation. massive devaluation of currency rather than defaulting and that's what we've got to be really worried about and they could be renominations of currency rather like happened in france under president de gaulle when ten old francs suddenly became one franc. in both of those cases it worked well. it stemmed inflation and borrowing. i think you could be leading to the threats of major devaluations in 2010 and even the implications of major renominations of currency. it's a wonderful way for a nation to wipe out its debt by renominating its currency and in other words a massive devaluation. >> do you really believe that becomes
Dec 28, 2009 12:00pm EST
the word on the street. liquidator joe taranova. john najarian, scott riddler. scott, let me start with you. amazon, new high here. important thing is more sold than actual physical books. stock was $50 a year ago. now it is $140. >> at this point ham don looks great. technically fundamentally and you can continue year-end. hard to chase at new highs. stay with amazon. going into the first few weeks of january. >> joe, apple, thomas making positive comments. raised some of the estimates there. here's similar situation. stocks had a huge move off of this year. >> huge move up. )y reason to remove yourselfppus from an environment where the fundamentals and technicals of apple look phenomenal. apple continues to move higher and no reason right now to get off that trade. >> john najarian, up 3.6% in retail sales. estimates through the christmas holiday season. is there new reason to doubt the numbers at this point? people saying it is january that's going to matter. i think being above last year is a victory at this point. >> yeah. you bet it is. everybody out there pounding the
Dec 14, 2009 12:00pm EST
. >> hello i am don scott >> i am sally thorner. a hit and run accident leaving a man dead and a young woman likely facing drunk driving charges. green spring northwest baltimore saturday night. wj john z outside police headquarters. good afternoon derek it were the driver hit the man and took off from the scene. police say they found her minutes later and she smelled of alcohol. 62-year-old james little junior had planned to see his sister theresa sunday morning but never made it. saturday night he was killed by a 20-year-old woman driving drunk. leaving his sister and the rest of his family devastated and upset. >> 20-year-old, you know, she knows right from wrong. we have to you know, stand judgment for what we do. if she chose to do the wrong thing, get behind that vehicle drinking. >> reporter: a dark grey jeep laredo almost hit another car, swerved and struck james little. police found her 10 to 15 minutes later. front head lights broken and busted windshield with blood and hair on it. the driver was given a breathalyzer. the victim's sister says she hopes the driver is prosecuted to t
Dec 9, 2009 4:00pm EST
martha coakley won the democratic primary last night. john kerry joined coakley during her acceptance speech. she'll face scott brown who won the republican nomination in yesterday's primary. the two square off in a special election on january 19th to see who will fill the remaining two years of kennedy's senate term. >>> "news4 at 4" is just getting started. fiery crash. >> next, a split-second decision byome maryland police officers and how they saved a driver trapped inside a burning car sglncht sglncht. >>> at 4:30, now confidential information wound up onli. >>> and a new e-mail scam and how easy it is for you to become a victim. >>> take a look at this. a burning car on a busy road in prince georges county. inside that car, a semiconscious driver and three brave police officers were faced with a split-second decision. today, those officers are hailed as heroes for putting their own lives on the line in that fiery rescue. it all happened near the university of maryland tuesday. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: it looked like a routine collision between a car and a box tru
Dec 11, 2009 11:00am EST
market? let's ask john fisher, portfolio manager fifth third asset management and scott redler from t3 let's start with you. you have stronger than expected retail sales. are these actionable stock market events for you? it shows that the retail investors' not dead. it shows the retailer is spending money and they're doing it much smarter. they're up considering how they're up yesterday. which is the relationship as a trader that you have to watch. the dollar's been up and maybe that's showing positive signs that we can move ahead into year end. if you take a look at retail over the past two months. it's been outperforming gains of the s&p 500 by two times. at this point, having the retailers taking into consideration this better than expected retail sales numbers. it isn't the tradeoff at this point. they've been the leading sub sectors in the market. at this point the retailers have been for the most part been putting up negative same-store sales and earnings growth has come off of easy comps but better than low expectations and when you look at 2010 for the stocks that co
Dec 18, 2009 4:00am EST
some of that reflected in his remarks. >> hey, guys, it's scott wapner in the u.s. john and geoff. we need headlines moving here about this draft that exists here where they're calling for deep global emission cuts. however, there are no specific cuts targeted by 2020 or 2050 and the draft has backed that $110 billion a year in climate aid by the year 2020 and that is what secretary of state hillary clinton talked about yesterday. that is the construction of what we're talking about here, right? whether it's just a draft agreement that ends up leaving copenhagen or whether there's some sort of legally binding deal that is able to be forged there. what sense do you have, john, that president obama is able to leave there with more than just a draft? >> well, we know because it was agreed by the negotiators ahead of time that there won't be a legally binding agreement coming out of here under any circumstances. the agreement here is is there a substantive legally binding agreement? that is what they're shooting for. one member of the u.s. delegation cautioned me, don't get too excited ab
Dec 4, 2009 6:00pm EST
ovechkin's suspension. capitols working hard. john erskine on defense. semin comes up with it here. has great stick work. fires it past scott clemmensen. feast or famine for this guy. matt bradley business to change that. fires and scores. capitols take a 3-0 advantage. their first short-handed goal of the year. capitols with a two-man advantage. alexander semin holds the puck in the circle, waiting. finds backstrom to slam it home. capitols go up 4-0 and would beat florida 6-2. >> the world cup schedule is out. united states received a favorable draw. the united states will face england on june 12th in the first round. then they'll face slovinia. they signed soccer balls at modells. he is a midfielder who scored two goals during international play. he is excited to play a powerhouse team like england. >> you always want to play the best. england is one of the best in world cup. they are one of the seeded teams. it's going to be a tough game but it's a game that we'll all get fired up for. everybody will be revved up to play against great guys and showcase we can compete at that level.
Dec 17, 2009 6:00am EST
. scott broom brings us their story in their own words. >> no time to think. she was in there. >> reporter: john brown junior and 0 co-worker evan warner. these photos provided after the fact give you an idea what the two men and their construction crew con fronted. >> how long did it take you to get her out. >> maybe a minute, minute and a half. >>> no more. >> reporter: the crew was on the way to a job site when it happened in front of them. the jeep was rear ended and instantly in flames. >> took two of these. >> john grabbed a fire extinguisher as evan leapt on the hood of the jeep and pulled ba'ath back the convertible top because the doors were stuck. >> when he couldn't get the door we ran to the top to pull her out. there was no stopping the fire at all. >> she was pinned in between the dashboard and the shifter knob and, you know, she was not looking good. >> me and another gentleman jumped on the hood and he got her legs out and we pulled her out. >> by the time we got her out the flames were above the jeep. i couldn't think of a worse way of dying than being lit on fire. >> did
Dec 24, 2009 11:00pm EST
, and as scott broom tells us, they're working against the clock to find the child. >> reporter: 11-year-old sarah foxwell was wearing christmas pajamas and a john deere t- shirt. when she went to bed tuesday night, her family reported her missing wednesday morning. wicomico county is being beaten in the woods trying to find her. this man is arrested and investigators say he is not cooperating. >> we are not giving up hope. we will always maintain faith. we will find sarah foxwell. we have approximately 25 search teams comprised of 25 or 26 law enforcement, ems and fire personnel. >> reporter: he's a registered sex offender who is a family acquaintance. family members who waited along the roadside said thomas legs had a hide away key to where sarah was sleeping. >> if anybody has seen the gold pickup truck but has the slightest information, even if they think it's unimportant, something unusual they have seen, please contact the sheriff's office. >> reporter: tonight, there are searchers here from at least four states, and despite the grim circumstances, they will continue to scour the w
Dec 24, 2009 6:00am EST
is getting started. he is in new zealand right now. to track santa john line, go to and check out web links. >> when i was a kid, i used to get so excited seeing -- it was willard scott as a matter of fact tracking and now the radar is so much better so you can see it better. it is really cool. >> yes, it is. >> very cool. love it. we have a lot to talk about. let's jump right in. there is a winter stormwatch that goes into effect for tonight out to the north and west. this will not impact santa. santa's sleigh equipped for many years now with the latest technology and weather avoidance technology so he will be fine. he is aware of the winter storm watch in effect out to the west in western maryland and western portions of virginia. it is not in effect for the washington area. and again, this goes into effect tonight into friday for freezing rain. current temperatures around the region look lik this. here in d.c., 26 degrees. but check out the teens all around. 18 in baltimore. 19 in gaithersburg. frederick, it is only nine degrees there right now. fredericksburg is at 19-degree.
Dec 4, 2009 5:00pm EST
know that. john phillips wrote that song. you may be familiar with john phillips. been in the news for all the wrong reasons. he didn't sing the song. you know who sang the song? scott mckenzie. i know one person who knows that out there. it wasn't pete. good song, by the way. i can sing it out of the break. >> no. maybe. time now, let's move on here, keep it on the rails here. it's friday. like to have some fun, but we do want to cover some material. time to analyze this. good news today seemed to be that the jobs report showed the smallest drop in unemployment in two years. but the question now turns to when will companies actually start hiring? daniel clifton is head of policy research for strategyus research partners. always good to see you. >> thanks for having me again. >> what does your gut tell you, what does your analysis tell you in terms of the month of november? will we come into december and find the revision will be higher and they've started already creating jobs? >> this is the best jobs report we've seen in about two years. so todays with a very good date. and i wo
Dec 30, 2009 4:00pm EST
kennedy compared himself to john f. kennedy. on "hardball" chris matthews looks at the five biggest political lies of the year. "hardball" starts in eight minutes. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >>> here are a few more things we thought you should know. stat senator scott brown, in a new ad, uses video technology to tie himself to democratic president and former kennedy. watch. >> billions of dollars this bill will place in the hands of the consumer and our businessmen with have immediate and permanent impact on our economy. every dollar will help create a new job and a new salary. these new jobs and new salaries can create other jobs and other salaries. >> state senator brown, a little bit of advice, it is never a wise idea to compare yourself to jfk. just ask dan quayle. >>> a "usa today"/gallup poll, president obama is the man americans admired most, hillary clinton finished in a virtual tie as the most admired woman. george w. bush finished with 4%, nelson mandela and the pope and a certain fox news host at 2%. >>> when it comes to the most admired woman, hillary clinton edges sarah p
Dec 24, 2009 5:00pm EST
christmas pajamas and a john deere t-shirt. it is 36 degrees right now. the circumstances are grim. but as you heard, this christmas eve, they aren't giving up hope. live in sullsbury, >> thank you, scott. appreciate it. >>> authorities say the man accused of taking three hostages at a virginia post office was angry at the federal government. 53-year-old warren taylor is charged with kidnapping in connection with the hostage situation last night. the eight hour standoff ended when taylor released the hostages and surrendered peacefully. one of the hostages tells the associated press taylor said he was angry because his son died in afghanistan and his truck was about to be repossessed. he was arraigned today. a judge ordered a mental evaluation to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. >>> and closer to home. sky 9 out over the scene of a christmas eve apartment fire. this one broke out at an apartment complex along maxwell drive. no word yet on how it all started. a firefighter did suffer some burns that sent him to the hospital. he's in good condition, thoug
Dec 10, 2009 3:00pm EST
. thank you for spending the time. john dempsey is the president of the estee lauder companies. see you soon. happy holidays. >>> ten minutes before the closing bell sounds. the dow jones industrial average up better than 70 points, scott. we've got this rally accelerating here. >> absolutely. andach to the eli lilly analyst meeting. find out what is next for the pharma ingredient and what is driving the stock sharply lower in today's session. you'll see it's down better than 4%. to pursue the life you want, you need a financial advocate who knows where you want to go. a merrill lynch financial advisor, now with access to the resources of bank of america, can help you diversify, rebalance, imagine, and believe. because we believe in the strength of american businesses. ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening. right now. >>> welcome back. eli lilly putting out financial guidance. shares of the dr
Dec 30, 2009 4:00pm EST
in the race to fill ted kennedy's seat. his brother, john kennedy. here is the unusual part. the jfk footage is featured for the republican candidate scott brown. brown echoes his push fn an investment tax to stimulate the economy. they will be a special election in massachusetts. >>> now to a popularity contest at the white house. look who gets the highest favorable ratings in a cnn research poll. yes, president obama, he is on that list, but he is third. first lady michelle obama ranks the highest with 68% of americans saying they have a favorable opinion of her. 64% rate secretary of state clinton favor bli and 58% for president obama. >>> recognize that smile? the kid on the right is a third grader from hawaii, yes, named barry obama. the 1969 photo was send to the president by his former classmate. he got the photo back from the president. the photo was published in the hawaii newspaper "star bulletin". >>> check out michelle obama, oprah winfy, tyra banks and carry underwood. they are honored as fur free and
Dec 19, 2009 8:00am EST
somebody to give you perspective of what it looks like. scott broom is the man on the road live. he is out near cabin john. how are conditions where you are driving right now. live web cam from the dash of my honda crv vehicle. i'm on the inner loop coming up on river road here. i was just checking out the maryland highway department trying to clear the road behind me. at cabin john there is a slight incline after you cross the bridge on the inner loop. and there's enough snow and it is wet enough that lots of cars just cannot make it up that hill on the inner loop of the beltway. at times the entire road has been blocked. there's a tow truck there that is using the rubberized front bumper to push people up the hill and puts it in reverses and backs down to the next one. trying to keep 495 open right now the road is completely snow covered. as you can see out my windshield right now and speeds are down around 20 to 30 miles an hour. it is probably the most you can go without getting hit by a big truck and not going out of control. things are hairy out here. the snow has stepped up from lig
Dec 21, 2009 9:00am EST
black stein and john burns. >>> okay. accused inside trader and billionaire hedge fund manager raj rajaratnam due in court this morning. scott? >> reporter: hi, melissa. this insider trading probe by the federal prosecutors in new york has already ensnared 21 people involving some of the biggest names in hedge funds and also the biggest names in corporate america. companies like intel, ibm, those are the stocks that they were trading in. but now it rising to a whole new level. as we first reported last week the indictment of raj rajaratnam the cofounder of galleon group which was first charged back in october with engaging in this insider trading scheme will be in court late toward for his arraignment. he is expected to plead not guilty. he is faced with 11 criminal counts in the grand jury indictment in a scheme that allegedly went back to 2003. also indicted last week and expected in court today daniel kiasi the consultant. she was indicted on ten counts last week and is also expected to plead not guilty. this case is being prosecuted like the feds would prosecute an organized cr
Dec 8, 2009 12:00pm EST
will join us and straight after that we'll have another exclusive with john chambers. >>> get ready for the fast money halftime report. we're back in two minutes. s >>> i'm scott cohn in the cnbc newsroom. you saw this information flash on the screen last hour. the court-appoint red seaver in this case gathering up assets for the investors turning up the heat on some 200 investors who managed to cash in their stanford investments before the feds moved in back in february. ralph janvy filing a suit, saying proceeds they got, some half a billion dollars are nothing more than stolen money from the other investors, the money should go back to him and he should distribute it among all 28,000. the worlds of business intersecting in a big way. hampton pearson is in front of the supreme court with an update in the conrad black case. >> it was one of two issues where the justices heard arguments today on what's called the honest services law. it requires corporate and public officials to act in the best interest of their employers or their constituents. now, it's a lot easier to prove in ter
Dec 16, 2009 6:00am EST
traction. thanks, scott. scott cohn. >>> when we come back on "squawk," blackrock's bob doll, vanguard founder john bogle, abby joseph cohen. we'll get their outlook on the economy, the markets and a lot more coming your way at the top of the hour. >>> "time" magazine unveiling its 2009 person of the year earlier this morning. it is fed chairman ben bernanke. the highly anticipated issue hits the stands this friday, and joining us from new york is rick stengel, managing editor of "time." rick, good to see you this morning. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> good reviews on your pick, at least from this desk. the criteria, as you know, is the person or persons who most affected the news in our lives for good or ill -- >> right. >> -- and embodied what was important about the year for better or for worse. i guess the first question we have is, bernanke didn't do this in a vacuum. why not couple him with a geithner, with a paulson? why not do another "committee to save the world"? >> no, i really seriously thought about that and thought about the idea of getting geithner
Dec 23, 2009 4:00am EST
a barrel. can you comment on all of that? >> scott, what it comes back to is bank lending is not back and it's not coming back any time soon. i'd be having interested to hear what john kennis has to say on your "squawk box" program. it's interesting to hear because banks do not want to lend. i've traveled into the north and south regions of the country, and you will find that banks don't want to deal with the matters of foreclosier on their real estate. so you have this conflicting data that you have millions of homes that have yet to be foreclosed upon, yet you have the stimulus, the steroid stimulus on government intervention that is trying to get the patience starting again and we're hoping that once that medication is taken back, that the heart continues to pump. and that's why we're in such a fragile state. so .5%. >> what's your year-end 2010 target for the s&p? where is the 1220 to? >> i would say my best guess, and it really is nothing more than a best guess, is probably somewhere around the 6% or 7% range, not as bullish as barini at 9.5%. >> jj, thanks. have a great holiday.
Dec 14, 2009 9:00am EST
than they have done so far to jump-start job creation, mark. >> thank you very much, john harwood in d.c. with financials in focus, the dubai deal and a major acquisition by exxonmobil, will the market continue its upward climb? scott is the chief strategist with guggenheim partners, managing $100 billion. scott, thanks very much for being with us. appreciate your time. >> mark, great to be here. >> i'll ask you my stock question. whenever we're midway between one benchmark and another, i ask which comes next, dow 11,000 or down 10,000? >> well, i think if it were my call, i would say dow 10,000. i think stocks are getting pretty overextended here. if you look at most recoveries -- take the 2003 recovery from the book lows. when we got this far up on a move, basically, for the next 12 months it was dead money in equities. i mean, we were up a little, we were down a little, but it was basically sideways. if you're going to deploy capital, i think you've got better places to go like high-yield bonds or somewhere else. >> let's talk about that, then. high-yield, what, junk bonds? >> junk
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Dec 23, 2009 7:59pm EST
today. that's the fox report for this christmas eva longoria, wednesday, december 23, 2009, i'm john scott in for shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home. we'll be back tomorrow, 12 pacific, 3:0 e
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